10 Things you Stop Doing after Becoming a Mom

10 Things you Stop Doing after Becoming a Mom

There is nothing I LOVE more than being a mommy… but let’s be real ladies, there are those distant memories that come to mind of what I used to do before becoming a mom. Those things I used to love doing that I sadly cannot do anymore after entering Motherhood.

Often times I think “WOW, I totally took doing that for granted!” To those of you who are not yet parents, the soon to be parents, or even my fellow parents out there… let’s talk about it!

  • side note writing this blog is incredibly hard to do when your baby wont take a nap

10 Things you Stop Doing after becoming a Mom

  1. Wearing White:

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times I have attempted to wear white… and not get dirty. No matter how careful, delicate or cautious I am there is always a little toddler somewhere with sticky hands trying to find their way to my bright white clothes. Another one bites the dust.

2. Jamming Music :

Some of my most freeing and best moments where when I used to blast Aerosmith SO LOUD in my Rodeo Isuzu, with my hand out the window, the winding blowing through my hair and feeling invincible and free! Fast forward to my MomLife now… reaching back searching for binkies while driving. It isn’t what I’d call 90’s rock but my toddler does scream her head off in her seat. Car rides have become my emergency nap time to maintain some sanity and quietness.

3. Guilty Pleasures:

I love my guilty pleasures whether it be Junk TV to Junk Food. All of which I need to do with sleeping kids. I never knew I had the ability to shove so many hot cheetos and chocolate in my mouth before having a witness and bystander yelling at me, “I want some I want some!!!”

4. No Lunch Breaks:

Being a Stay at Home Mommy is seriously one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs I have ever had. YES… that’s right, it IS a Job. There are days my husband will say,” I had a such a hard day at work, at least you don’t have people yelling at you.” When this happens I honestly couldn’t laugh any harder at his comment. My “boss” yells at me all the time, she also throws her food at me, stalks me when I use the bathroom and goes through my personal belongings and destroys them! She also doesn’t let me have a lunch break… which I’m pretty sure is against the law. The worst part is I can’t even report her to HR.

5. Sleeping In:

Ohhhh sleeping in… no rush… and no responsibility. All of that is NOW GONE. I don’t know about everyone else’s kids but I have the ones that wake up and decide to stand one foot away from my face staring at me. This means my mornings usually start with me waking up freaked out, scared, confused, wondering how long they’ve been standing there and what time it is. Throw in the fact that needing to pee is UNREAL after that kind of wake up call.

6. Date Nights:

Going to the Movies, getting to relax, getting away, having fun seeing a new film AND the popcorn! ❤

NOT possible with little ones in tow. Now I get: “I need to go potty”, a spilled popcorn bucket… because they are PERSISTENT that they can hold it on their own, pushing on people’s chairs (only when I bring my toddler) and tantrums. This ALL seems to happen before the movie even starts… “My apologies to EVERYONE in the theater”.

7. Me Time:

Recently I have made an effort daily to: read a little, workout, put on a facial mask… and if I’m LUCKY… brush my hair. It really isn’t that easy to find “me time” anymore. I do my best to plan a well organized day so I can carve out that 1 hour of time for me… oh boy is that one hour AMAZING when I get it!!!

8. Being Spontaneous:

Remember getting that phone call from your bestie saying “Come outside, we’re going out!”?? That was it… you went right out! It was LITERALLY that easy!!!

Fast forward to now. We now have to get the baby bag ready, make sure there are binkies… cause lord have mercy if we forget those! Do you have: wipes, change of clothes, diapers, puree if the little one decides to be a picky eater when out? Oh! And don’t forget your sanity… I usually forget to bring that one with me when I go out now.

9. Dieting:

I may be alone on this one but I’m what you call “a leftover mom”. When I say that I don’t mean I store leftovers from dinner in the fridge and eat them later. What I mean is I end up eating ALL the food that my kids didn’t finish eating… on TOP of eating my own meal. I also act “surprised” and “confused” when my jeans become more and more snug…

10. Shopping Trips:

The old saying “ I’ll only be 5 minutes, just in and out.” Hahaha! Psh… yeah right, not in motherhood! By the time I get to the check out line; I have about 3 open items (snacks for the kids) , a screaming baby, I’m nervously sweating and one toy item that I tell the cashier to please put to the side. I’ll only be back to the store… NEVER!

While these are my own 10 things I stopped doing after becoming a Mom, I’m sure yours might be different! Even though it sucks that we may not be able to do these things as often as we used to, it doesn’t come close to the experiences and moments that are replaced my our mini blessings.


Here’s a quick list of what I stopped doing after becoming a Mom is now replaced with:

  1. Comfortable Clothes:

I tossed the white clothes aside for only special occasions. Now I embrace my new found love for Yoga pants! At the end of the day who seriously chooses whites over yoga pants!?!?

2. Changed my Jams:

Thank my lucky stars that my kids love some of my 90's music!!! I also love singing Disney music as much as they do. Looking at my little ones sing… or yell their hearts out and watching there little magical imaginations run wild gives me mommy butterflies. There is no better feeling!

3. Healthier Alternatives:

Since having my kiddos I’ve found some really yummy healthier alternatives, rather than having them find my junk food stash. My favorite one so far is whipped Nutella Pops! YUM!

4. You win some , You lose some:

While I don’t get a lunch break…and it will always suck, I do get endless kisses, cuddles, and hugs. NOTHING beats that.

5. Good Morning to Perfect Morning:

There really isn’t anything scarier than waking up to having kids stare at you… and I will never understand why my kids do that. After I have a fast pee break I get to return to bed with a bunch of cuddles, smiles and cartoons. Perfect Morning!

6. Comfier Date Nights:

Best I could say is waiting till your baby is old enough to sit during the movies is always best. Lesson learned but that doesn’t mean you miss out! Fandango Now and Amazon Prime are amazing for New Movies! and no apologies necessary! WIN WIN!

7. Just Us:

I realized I don’t get as much time to myself as I would like but I have a bunch of sidekicks who always have my back and I have there’s. Along the way I’ve earned some lifelong best friends.

8. Switching up my Vacay dreams:

Maybe there aren’t any more last minute road trips popping my way BUT there are well planned and organized family vacations! Those create better memories and happiness than words could express. ❤

9. Self Control with Food:

I’ve learned to have more self control by reminding myself I’m NOT a vacuum cleaner. I just hate seeing food go to waste and by eating all their leftovers I was increasing my waist size...

10. Creative Ways to Survive Shopping Trips:

Shopping trips are by far the most stressful thing to do with kids… something we are ALL cursed with doing! I did find some neat tricks to help me get through them. For instance, my kids think Walmart is infested with birds and they always arrive on the onset of a tantrum. It gives them a little invisible distraction… which never hurt anybody! I also sprint past the junk food isle to avoid more snacks.

I love nothing more than being a Mommy. I’m still learning everyday the new and crazy adventures of motherhood too! I think that most parents could agree that nothing beats being a parent.. and nothing will.

-Cilla from Sexymamadiaries

Would love to hear some of your stories in the comments below!

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