5 Mantras for a Working Mama

5 Mantras for a Working Mama

Why are you here, Mama? I’ll tell you why. You’re here for the same reason I am. You’re here because you like connecting with moms who have been there before, or, who are going through it with you. People say it takes a village, but we all know it takes a motherhood of moms sharing tried and true, tribal knowledge.

I’m Whitney, and I’m a working mom juggling corporate America and entrepreneurship, but most importantly, giving my son and husband the best of me. My husband and I both travel for work. I have insane Mom guilt — at times. I stress cry in my closet with wine and chocolate — at times. I’m not perfect, but I also don’t try to be.

I have improved some my Mom hacking skills, though! Launching a new business, running a family and traveling for “the man” toughens you up pretty quick. Keep reading for my top Mama mantras that will help you hack the heck out of Momming!

  1. SAY NO.

    Learn how to do it gently and without guilt here. It’s the ultimate way to respect yourself (1st priority) and your family (2nd priority).

    See what I did there? I snuck in the part that says YOU, my beautiful, worthy Superwoman queen, are first priority. Say it with me: I am first priority. I AM FIRST PRIORITY!

    I’m not saying that your pedicure comes before feeding your hungry baby. But, have you been on a plane lately? In critical circumstances, you put your mask on before helping others, because it’s a simple fact that when Mama isn’t right, nothing is. Happy Mom, happy home.

    And guess what? If you need to miss a birthday party to finally handle those lizard feet your man keeps complaining about… by all means, do so. Just don’t bail last minute and be that girl. ;)


    The ability to delegate work, while understanding time constraints, and your own strengths and weaknesses, is an important part of any successful entrepreneurship. And parenting! What are your strengths? Where could you use extra help or save an hour of your time?

    Your time is PRECIOUS, Mama!

    Not a cook but you can follow a recipe? Try a meal delivery service like Blue Apron or HelloFresh — they are more affordable than ever.

    Always having to rush out to the store last minute? Use Amazon Prime or Amazon Pantry subscriptions that send common items right to your door on whatever schedule you choose.

    No time to grocery shop or are you trying to cut down your grocery bill? Schedule grocery pickup OR delivery online — saves time and helps you avoid impulse or hangry purchases!


    Alright, don’t fall asleep on me with this one.

    Time management skills are key to Mom hacking. The silent family member around here is Mr. Outlook. Google calendar works great for your family’s events too! There is nothing worse than being reminded by angry text that you’ve forgotten a Bat Mitzvah. No one likes being rushed, surprised or left scrambling.

    Here are a few other ideas:

  • Batch Crockpot cook and freeze meals ahead of time when you know you’ll have no time to cook.
  • Don’t cook twice — you can use those dinner left overs for your kiddo’s lunch the next day.
  • Get 80% of your holiday shopping done before the holidays! You most likely purchase gifts for the same people each year, so keep a running list in your phone of those people and ideas. Shopping locally and year round will free up so many hours down the road!
  • If you come across a great sale on gifts like books, educational toys or sports sets, pick up a few extra if you know you’ll be needing them. Same with birthday or holiday cards.


Kids’ clothes, toys or anything else used for a short time are fair game for trading and buying used. We aim for a “one toy in, one toy out” mentality. Our son gets to choose which toy he wants to give away.

Bonuses to this approach are: Less junk, more opportunities to show your kids the value of taking care belongings, and giving to people in need.

Trading toys keeps the selection fresh, it costs nothing AND it teaches your kids how to share! If you have friends or family with similar aged kids it’s also a fun excuse for the adults to get together too. :)


If you can’t buy used or trade… buy smart!

In our house we get excited about products that are convertible, adjustable, and/or serve multiple purposes. Let’s face it, things pile up quick with kids!

A few of our favorites are:

I’m not a fan of telling women I love that “they can have it all,” because nothing is ever a sure-thing. By simply instilling a few key mantras, you can maximize your time and ensure that more of that time is spent with your loved ones.

Cheers to YOU, Mom.


About Whitney’s new companyThoughtfully designed with growth spurts in mind, SproutFit is an adjustable, eco-friendly childrenswear company with headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Proudly (and responsibly) made in the USA and delivering time and money-saving solutions for the busy, modern parent.


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