Finding YOUR Mom Jeans

Finding YOUR Mom Jeans

Hello lovely readers!

I am so jazzed to be joining the Kindred team and sharing my passion with you!

It’s been a pretty interesting week so far, as I am coming off an entire 7 days of being unplugged from social media! I thought it was a crazy suggestion considering social media is most of my blog’s platform, but I did it. I have to say that it was completely refreshing, too!

I was able to take a step back from blogging all together for a week and decide how I wanted to alter my perspective. Sometimes it’s hard to even think about change when you’re spending 90 percent of your day catering to a sticky-fingered toddler, but it’s necessary.

“Momming” takes the sight away from our once before clear vision, and sometimes we go four days without a shower. I’m not suggesting that this is a common occurrence in my home, but it does happen! :) Getting ready and catering to your friends, husband, mother-in-law, etc. does not appeal to you because that means having to get ready and dressed.

Getting dressed can be the hardest thing to do when your idea of an errand outfit includes: yoga pants, a sweatshirt (anything underneath? Who’s to say?), and a top knot. This is our comfort uniform. Who are we looking to impress, right? This is me most days. I ignore texts sometimes just because I need that twenty minute nap while the dryer is finishing up and my toddler is snoozing in his crib.

And really, any excuse to not leave my house is the best excuse! Where did all our motivation go? Why is it so hard to put on a pair of jeans? Why is it so hard to FIND a pair of jeans? Luckily, I have the solution to that last question!

It’s so easy to run to your nearest mall and pick up a pair of jeans without trying them. This can be such a terrible habit to have, though! Trying on denim is key to deciding what fit and style is going to meet your needs!

If you’re investing a good chunk of change on a new pair of jeans, you’ll want to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Will you wear these?
  • Will you be able to wear these more than once?
  • Can you bend over?
  • Can you sit comfortably?
  • Can you cross your legs with ease?
  • Will you need assistance getting these off?
  • Do you love them?

I am a fashion blogger, and like my fellow niche ladies I follow many other fashion bloggers. I get to see what everyone is trying out, what they’re recommending, and what seems to fit my style and audience.

For a couple months I scouted the lengths of Instagram to find out what style was going to be added to my closet. After a month of going back and forth, I was lucky enough to happen upon the style I had narrowed my selection down to.

Lo and behold, I tried on the style. It is perfect! Not a tight skinny jean, not a relaxed boyfriend style, but a mom jean. Yes, for real. A mom jean from the original mom jean creator, Levi’s.

This style is perfect for all women, honestly. They hit the perfect mid-hi rise height (hiding that soft tummy) and don’t constrict your legs from doing a squat. #momlife I am in absolute love with the style and am so glad that they fell into my hands!


Find jeans here here

Until next month, this is where I leave you! To read more about my fashion be sure to check out my personal blog

xo, Tay

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