Tips for Kindergarten Readiness

Tips for Kindergarten Readiness

The time is quickly approaching that I will no longer have a preschooler and will have a kindergartner instead! Every mom’s worst dream… because our babies grow up too quick!! I am still coming to terms with this obviously, I mean wasn’t it just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital? I know in my heart that she is so ready to move on to Kindergarten though.

Her preschool has done an AMAZING job getting her ready. This is especially true regarding her speech, which has been an obstacle when she first went to preschool at age 3. My biggest fear is that during this summer break she will forget what she has learned and start from square one. So I went onto the computer to find local and internet resources to help keep her mind active while we enjoy her summer break together.

Local Activities & Fun:

I would love to share with all of you what local events I have found, but obviously, you all live around the world so it wouldn’t make sense to. One thing I do recommend is to look up everything you can that is offered in your area! We have a Safety City that is free for all residents in our county and helps children learn all about pedestrian safety, for example walking at cross walks and not speaking to strangers! Usually you can search your police station website or call the non-emergency number for more details about that! Also, check your local library for events! My Jael is going to do their kindergarten kickstart event at our local library so others may have this too!

Non-Local Activities:

Summer can make it difficult to do local activities because of traveling and family coming into town, so I found some awesome ways to keep them interested and not worrying about planning events around these times!

  1. ABC is a learning app that is for ages 2–8 years old with grade levels from preschool-2nd grade. The child learns subjects like reading, math, science, art and colors. Whats awesome about this app is that you can use in on the computer, tablet or smart phone so the child can learn anywhere! They usually offer a free month trial and they have a whole year subscription for $59.95 or 4 monthly installments of $19.75 which for all that this app has is a pretty awesome price, you can add up to 3 children on the app for the same price.

2. Playaway Launchpad-preloaded tablets

This is another great library find that we love in our household! It is a preloaded tablet with learning games and stories for kids ages 3 on up to adults! No need for wifi for this tablet because everything is preloaded and completely safe. You don’t have to worry about them pressing a game and accidentally buying something they shouldn’t or seeing anything they aren’t supposed to. I love to borrow them for a week I know we will be in the car a lot to keep them entertained and learning. There are different styles with different themes and subjects to learn. Although it is a little more expensive you can purchase them on their website or check out your library and see if they are available to check out.

3. Dry Erase activity books

Need a break from the screen time but still want your child to be learning? Books are always the perfect answer to this! Our favorites, especially for learning numbers, letter and how to write them are dry erase activity books! They last a long time because you can erase the writings when your child is done with them. Amazon has tons of different choices of activity books that are priced around $4–7 depending on how large they are and what subjects they cover. Also, because I LOVE to support local, I recommend checking out the local bookstores in your area to see if they have them too!

4. Pinterest

Okay, I know this is an obvious one but I had to put it in here because often times I still forget that they have so much to offer besides work outs, décor, and recipe ideas haha! There are tons of free or super cheap printables you can print out for your children, just use a hole punch and put it in a travel binder for them to just open up and do. If you are a crafty mom there are fun little bead and pipe cleaner craft to help with counting. The ideas are endless!

I hope that this post helped all of the stressed out moms and dads that are so not ready for their little ones to be in Kindergarten, sadly it is inevitable. At least we can do things to make it just a little bit easier to transition! If you have any ideas that are not mentioned above please leave a comment and share your own!

Happy adventures! ❤


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