5 Ways To Teach Your Children To Live Simply

5 Ways To Teach Your Children To Live Simply

We live in an oh so fast paced world. Success is often based on who has more and who made it there the quickest. However, I know I am not alone in wanting to raise my children to not only live a simple life, but to understand the importance of it. Here are five easy ways you can teach your children (and yourself) to live simply:

1. Refrain from buying them everything. The urge to spoil those sweet little faces is so real, I get it. But quality over quantity is something to learn here. I’m not saying to give them five toys and be done with it, there is so much more to it than that. When you go clothes or toy shopping, pick the high quality and useful items. One toy that will last for years is so much better than a handful of dollar store dolls.

2. Let them say no. You really want your child to play baseball, and maybe you know they would really love it; but they said no. They don’t want to play. Let them make that decision, show them that you don’t have to busy busy busy all the time.

3. Schedule “down time” with the kids and get them hyped up about it! Kids love to play, but pick a time whether it be daily or weekly, where you all just relax. Down time will be different for children than for adults, they might not enjoy just resting in a bubble bath with candles lit all around. Adjust this to fit their needs whether it be a movie with the family (stay away from action), reading a book together or separately and coloring. These activities will slow them down and let them recharge while still keeping them entertained.

4. Express what you are grateful for and have them do the same. Growing up, at dinner time (which was nearly always as a family at the table), we went around the table and said our favorite parts of the day. This is such a good way to stay away from the generic “What are you thankful for?”moments. This gets children thinking more outside of the box, they are pondering on the positive moments from the day and it leaves room for discussion.

5. Be open and talk to them about this lifestyle. Express why you find simple living to be important and get those gears going in their head. As funny as it sounds, make it simple. We could ramble on and on about our choice to live simple and mindful but if you’re telling that to a child, they aren’t going to keep up. Minimize your reasoning and explain it to them.

Ultimately, remember that while you are teaching them this lifestyle, you cannot force it on them. They are people who will grow up and make their own decisions, we are simply here to help guide them.

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