How I Turned into a Boy Mom

How I Turned into a Boy Mom

When I met my husband at 16 I always imagined that we’d get married and have a family. I thought about our future child and always pictured a cute little girl in a pink tutu. Her and I would have tea parties and she’d be a huge daddy’s girl, of course.

Fast forward 3 years from when we first met. We found out I was pregnant! The same vision of that sweet little girl flashed through my mind. I imagined our beautiful princess getting a piggy back ride from my husband.

The day of the gender reveal ultrasound I wore a pink shirt. I wore it because I wanted to match our baby’s gender. I already had outfits in mind that I was going to go buy…after they confirmed I was having a girl.

The tech looks over and asks if we want to know the gender. “Of course”, we both replied. As soon as he moved the wand I saw it, plain as day. Our little boy’s parts. The tech didn’t even have to say it. We both said “It’s a boy” at the exact same time.

My husband was so excited he began texting everyone. It took me a moment. That image of a little girl in a pink tutu faded and made room for a little boy playing with trucks instead. It took me a few minutes but I ended up being just as excited. I’d have a “Mama’s boy” and a little boy who already had so much of my heart.

When my oldest, Nathan, was born and placed on my chest I couldn’t have imagined any other outcome. I loved him more than anything. In that moment I became a “boy mom”.

He gives me a run for my money every day. The climbing, jumping and yelling. I didn’t know a person could hold this much energy! His attraction to dirt was automatic. I give him a bath to wash all the dirt off from his daily adventures and realize his legs are covered in bruises because he knows no fear.

When I found out I was pregnant with my second a month after my oldest’s 2nd birthday, I thought of that little girl again. I wondered if it would be her this time. Once again in the ultrasound they asked if we want to know, we both said “ Yes”.

“It’s a little boy!”, the tech announced. That picture of the little girl changed again to Nathan showing his little brother how to play with his cars. I imagined the two of them wrestling, just like my brothers always did. That title hit me again “boy mom”.

After my youngest’s, Oliver, delivery he was placed on my chest. I realized another space, one I didn’t even know I had, in my heart filled up. My two little guys.

Nathan is already trying to hand his brother cars. He wants to involve him in all the little games he plays too. Oliver just likes to sit and watch his brother with an amazed look in his eyes. You can tell he can’t wait to get up and chase his big brother around!

There is SO much energy in my house. Nathan doesn’t stop moving from the time he opens his eyes until he finally shuts them, after spending hours fighting going to sleep. Every day I find new bruises on his legs and have to tell him to slow down or he’s going to get hurt.

Of course he doesn’t listen to slow down. I end up kissing lots of boo-boos and before I know it he’s off doing the next dangerous thing. In the blink of an eye Oliver will be joining in on the danger. I know there will be double the amount of heart attacks I have daily when that day comes!

Whenever I envisioned a family it always involved having a little girl. Maybe one day she will appear.. but for now I’ll be chasing after little men, putting my magic kisses to good use. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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